“We are so impressed at how you captured the realness and rawness of our wedding. Our photos are absolutely perfect and tell OUR story. We appreciate your attention to the planning and preparation of the wedding day – it made the day completely seamless. You FAR surpassed any expectations we had in regards to professionalism, quality, and charisma. We thank you from bottom of our hearts and are so thrilled with your work!”
Cheryl & Galen Hirss

“Finding the right person to record the day’s events was one of our most important decisions. From the very beginning, it was obvious to us that you had the talent, quiet presence and ability to see photographic opportunities as they arose. Our photos are a testament to this.”
Emily & Steve Carley

“I can’t imagine anyone else being able to capture my simple wedding with such honesty and artistry. The pictures are amazing — so amazing I’m having a really hard time narrowing it down for the album. Your presence was either unnoticed or welcomed, but never obtrusive, and you really captured how much fun the day was for everyone.”
Natalie Miller

“Many, many thanks for being part of our wedding and documenting it so beautifully! We love the photos of our family all together and the many vignettes of the wedding day.”
Anne & Ethan Nelson

“I couldn’t have asked for anything more than the joyous, spontaneous, graceful photos we received last week. My wedding was the happiest day of my life. I appreciate your art and your labors to capture the mood and the presence of the day.”
Rita Burke

“Words cannot describe how thrilled we are with your work. These are images we will always treasure.”
Colette Dumont & James Walsh

“I can’t begin to tell you how beautiful your pictures are. I’m amazed at how you could have been everywhere at once ... and still had time to compose, and check, and find the perfect moment. Such intuition and talent and empathy. Wow!”
Lee Driscoll

“Steve, your photographs left me breathless. They are stunningly beautiful, image after image ... a glorious series of moments of real joy and deep happiness. Bless you for seeing these individual frames of life and capturing the moments.

I often thought I would like to have that evening again, more slowly and more completely than I experienced it ... the lovely, soft summer night, the lights on the still lake, the boats bobbing gently with their running lights on, the guests relaxed with shoes and coats off. You were there Steve, and now I can see those moments again and again. A million thanks for being so sweet and invisible and somehow in the right spot over and over again. Your pictures are a delight to all of us.”
Jill Ruckelshaus